Sample Integrity

Sample Identification and Quality Assessment

Verify Sample Identity & Accurately Assess DNA Quality

Studies estimate 1 in every 200 samples is misidentified, potentially causing incorrect results. Downstream NGS analysis is expensive and sample failures due to low-quality DNA waste money and the opportunity to generate molecular results. Labs need robust sample identity tracking and DNA quality measurements to prevent errors and triage samples based on their quality.

Each of Agena’s Sample Integrity panels provide genetic fingerprinting and DNA quality measurements to determine:

1. Is this the correct sample?

Verify identity by comparing genetic fingerprints. Prevent mistakes even if they originate outside the lab.

2. Is the sample from the correct source?

Automated analysis compares profiles to determine if a sample originated from the stated source. A built-in analysis algorithm accounts for loss of heterozygosity in tumor/normal comparisons.

3. Is the DNA sufficient for downstream analysis?

Accurately quantify the amplifiable copies in a sample. Determine the best downstream analysis method based on DNA quality.


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